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Shakespeare Corrected


Two Gentlemen of Verona

To attend the SC performance of Two Gentlemen of Verona in April directed by Millikin graduate Marielle Tepe ('18), you must fill out the Google Form in the link. If this production does not fit within your schedule, please consider the production we’ll be producing at Macon Resources Incorporated for the differently abled to be held in early May.


The following link will ask for FULL NAME, DOB, and SS#. The link is only accessible by myself (Alex Miller) and will be given directly to DCC. That said, if you do not wish to have your information processed this way, please contact us at: Shakespearecorrected@gmail.com.



Tuesday Abril 23rd 5-7 (Final Dress)
Wednesday Abril 24th 5-7
Thursday Abril 25th 5-7
Friday Abril 26th 5-7
Saturday 27th Abril 1-3 (For Offenders Family as Well)
Sunday 28th Abril 1-3


If you have questions please let Alex Miller know. If there are issues with the link, it will soon be discovered, and the link will be resent. Thanks for your consideration.